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Repair Steel Weight Estimation and Monitoring

Repair Steel Weight
Estimation and Monitoring

In order to determine the most efficient way to execute a repair scope, management teams need an accurate estimate of the magnitude of the required repairs well in advance of the completion of the detailed inspection program. FSC were able to support our client with this issue by developing a methodology that used the results of early inspections in selected tanks to predict the potential weight of repairs in uninspected tanks. This used past and present anomaly data as well as appropriate margins depending on the maturity of the available information.
As inspections and repair engineering were progressed, FSC were able to further refine these estimate and reduce the margins as the repairs progressed through inspection, development of initial generic repair , finalisation of the engineered repair and FMECA processes.
During execution the repairs were monitored with emergent scope and other changes to the scope monitored using a tracking dashboard which was able to track progress on a repair by repair basis.
Output of this tracking tool was able to be used to understand scope progress and to validate the reporting from the shipyard and EPC contractor.

Key Achievement:

FSC were able to support our client throughout the entire inspection, planning and execution process, providing regular updates on the steelweight value throughout the execution of the project. This ensured that the Client was able to make informed decisions at all times.

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