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FSC was engaged to help implement a fit for purpose real time hull structural health reporting system for the new RAN Cape Class Patrol Boats.
The challenge in implementing such a system is not only what data to measure and what equipment to install to collect that data, but how the data will be used, and integrated into the wider hull and overall vessel integrity management system. This includes looking at the how maximum value can be extracted from the data by enabling findings to feed back into the fleet inspection and maintenance programme. Under current standard Periodical Class inspection and RAN inspection frameworks there is no mechanism to do this.

Key achievement:

This is a broad topic requiring consideration of many factors. FSC's assessment method covered hull design, in service history, integrity management and regulatory frameworks, as well as a market survey of available technologies and suppliers.
The output provided to the Client was a defined technical scope and clear roadmap for achieving a fit for purpose hull condition monitoring system to reduce risk across the fleet of vessels. Recommendations were also made as to how to maximise the value of the data such a system will provide, ensuring for example that it will not only provide live structural health status but also can be used to tailor inspection and maintenance scopes.


Hull Structural Monitoring Concept Study

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